Louisa Barnum

Co-Founder, Magenta

Louisa holds a degree in violin performance and post graduate studies in classical voice, and has performed and toured extensively in ensembles, orchestras, and as a soloist.

Leaving the competitive world of professional music performance after sustaining an injury, for the past 10 years she has worked as a business and executive leadership coach, focusing in particular on inner development. Bringing her understanding of both creative process as well as know-how for building new capabilities, Louisa focused on helping her clients improve their performance by providing tools, practical concepts, and rigorous inner practices for transformation, growth, and healing. Louisa also has worked with clients facing challenges such as PTSD, mental and life-threatening illness, childhood abuse, and other trauma.

Louisa is the co-founder with Jeff Barnum of Magenta, bringing the capacity-building component to
the larger scale social change and creativity work in which Magenta specializes.