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Luisina Figueroa Garro

Amani Community Regional Circle Leader LATAM

Luisina is defined by a great sensitivity and empathy. She graduated with a degree in Visual Communication Design, although she always felt that something was missing in her career. Life's paths led her to face and overcome hard situations which have transformed her into someone with the need to work for a better world. Her work experience includes working in the field for the main newspaper of her province, institutional design for a university, communication consultancy for a Ministry of Education project, and graphic design of set design for films. She also volunteers with a non-profit organization called "Otra Puerta" which develops projects to open doors to new educational experiences for those who need them. This year's project was a literature workshop with women prisoners in jail. Today, they are working on expanding it. She strongly believes in the power of education, communication, creativity, and teamwork as tools of change. As a visual communicator, she feels the need, desire, and commitment to using these tools to generate solutions for fair and sustainable development, and improve the quality of life of those who inhabit the planet. She is an open-minded, responsible, creative, proactive and energetic person, who seeks new meaningful experiences to grow as a person and most importantly, develops new tools to help others to do so too because opportunities must be available to all. Luisina enjoys nature, outdoor sports such as running and bike rides, healthy food, simple life, and love.