SIM Alumni

Luiz Fernando Beltrami

Co-founder 4D Sustainability Canvas

Believing in the power of collaboration to build better businesses for people and the planet, Luiz Fernando Beltrami joined another Amani fellow to develop a methodology for small and medium organizations to embed sustainability into their operations and culture, called the 4D Sustainability Canvas. He has built his professional career based on skills developed in communication, creative thinking, innovation, storytelling and social impact, but it is in Education he could find the connection between all these different fields.Working as an instructional designer for an online education company in Brazil, he had the chance to partner with different professionals (including members of the Amani community) and create courses based on different skills and topics such as protagonism, behavioral design, social innovation, leadership and many others.

He also gives classes on social innovation for high school students.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Marketing and a specialization in Cinema, Video and Photography, both in São Paulo, where he was born and lived most part of his life.