Maja Grcic

Brand the Change Trainer

Maja works at the intersection of business strategy and brand development. She has come to see businesses as turtles and rabbits: the turtles create perfect theoretical plans, but are too slow getting to market, while the rabbits build the momentum to gets things done, but often lose focus and stop when the going gets tough. Together with her partner, she founded Tortuga Solutions, brand marketing agency that helps small businesses slow down just enough to get the brand marketing basics in place so they can communicate fast & steady.

She soon understood that a solid company brand is not enough to turn products into market hits. People do business with people, and personal reputation matters. Today, Maja mostly works with rabbit-style entrepreneurs who choose to develop a personal brand to increase the credibility of their business.

Trained a political scientist with Master in International Relations, she spent a decade working as a strategy advisor to the Executive Board of Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Her career path turned towards entrepreneurship when she co-founded TakecareBnB, a volunteer organisation that temporarily places refugees in Dutch host families. Which later turned into the world of branding marketing when she started coaching startups, became certified Brand the Change trainer, and joined the co-founding team of Meet Jack as a Brand Guardian.

The guiding thought throughout her career is that she loves making plans come together and making strong people stronger. She is an explorer and a campaigner at heart, always keen to meet kindred spirits and discover new places. Connect with her on Linkedin.