SIM Alumni

Maria Camila Ramirez

Maria Camila is Colombian; she is a passionate athletic woman, avid traveler and a tireless go-getter.
She got a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota. Following her graduation, she worked for one of Colombia’s biggest architecture design companies, Contexto Urbano and Constructora Colpatria. She has also worked in both USA and Spain. Throughout her work and academic experience, she has learned to work in teams and assume responsibilities having clear objectives. She has also developed great communication skills both orally and graphically. For a long time, Maria Camila has tried to ignore something very important to her: her passion for educating children. She seeks to break out of the status quo and have a career of impact. She seeks to change the way education is perceived and teach in a way that empowers children in order to better develop skills and life principles. Eventually, she hopes this will enable children to become more sensitive humans, enjoy life, and create social change themselves.