SIM Alumni

Maria Fernanda Zamora

Job Placement Coordinator, Laboratoria

Maria, or Mafe, from Perù, believes this world can become more sustainable and equitable for all if we truly work for it. She holds a BA in Business Administration at Universidad del Pacífico. Her passion for sustainable development, gender equality, and social justice are demonstrated in everything she does. She works at Laboratoria, a Latin American startup that trains women from underserved backgrounds in technology. Currently, she is leading the development of the local and regional alumni community, one of the largest communities of female developers and designers in the region. 

She is also working as a business designer volunteer at Design Impact Perú. She also works with Sinba (a circular economy and sustainability Peruvian startup) towards finding and building new solutions for their audience. She is very excited to embark on this journey as an Amani Fellow to strengthen and enhance her skills while learning from experience and alongside like-minded change-makers.