SIM Alumni

Maria Gabriella Manchini

Marketing Assistant at Parma Council of Health Technicians

"A world where all people can live their best lives"

Gabi is passionate about creating spaces for people to expand their experiences. She loves organizing places and thinking about creative solutions - being on the backstage is when she is at her best. Gabi values deep listening and empathic conversations, where people can share their energies, light and dreams. Currently, Gabi is working at the Council of Health Technicians in Parma, Italy, as a Marketing Assistant. She is responsible to build the brand, manage organizational tools and help to organize events.

She was born and raised in Brazil, where she graduated with a Biomedicine undergraduate degree with a specialization in Public Health. During her studies, she participated at the Junior Enterprise, Student Union, Choice Movement by Artemisia and Enactus. She also did an Aiesec internship in Egypt where she taught basic first aid at the slums and attended the International Design Summit in India, an event created by MIT D-Lab, to develop low-cost solutions through human-centred design. In 2017 she became a member of the international WYSE network as part of their leadership course, that is recognized by the United Nations.