SIM Alumni

Maria Isabel Sandoval Ayala

For the past 2 years, Isabel has worked in both the private and public sector and recently came to the realization that she needed to change the course of her life, both personally and professionally. She believes that there are efficient ways of addressing social issues from a corporate perspective, and raising awareness on the need to protect our environment is necessary.

Isabel’s decision to start a new path in her life lies in the growing social and environmental issues happening globally. She became very aware of what the environment means not only for her, but for the existence of the planet itself and the coexistence of human beings in it. She believes that through the knowledge she acquired throughout her studies and professional career, she developed a great ability to understand how public policies affect the industrial activity and sustainable development itself.

She firmly believes that it´s possible for different perspectives and views to coexist, it´s only necessary to have the leadership to do it. You can find her on Facebook and Linkedin.