SIM Alumni

Mariana Hermanny

Partnerships Manager (Government Relations & Schools), Letrus

Mariana is Brazilian but from an early age had the opportunity to live in different countries such as Argentina, Malaysia, and France, which led her to appreciate multicultural environments and envision a world without borders. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas in São Paulo, where she was involved with AIESEC, a student organization focused on developing youth leadership.

She started her career in the commercial department of Twining’s, a British tea company, where she gained experience working in the United Kingdom. After a couple of years, she transitioned to another sector, seeking to generate a positive impact for society. Mariana started working in fundraising for a Brazilian NGO, Instituto Ayrton Senna, committed to improving public education in the country. This experience allowed her to understand more about the social sector and work with different stakeholders in order to build partnerships. It also brought her closer to the theme of education and understanding its importance in the current Brazilian landscape. During the Amani Institute Social Innovation Management program she had the opportunity to work with Janitri Innovations in India and support its mission to reduce maternal and newborn mortality.

Mariana truly believes that different sectors can collaborate to achieve greater impact and that businesses can be sustainable and lead transformation at the same time. Connected to this belief, she is currently at Letrus building partnerships with local governments, social institutions and schools to expand the Artificial Intelligence based program developed by the social business to reduce functional illiteracy.