SIM Alumni

Marina Esposito

Lawyer, ZISP Law

Marina is a curious person, eager to learn more about different things and places. She has always had a hard time standing still in only one place. As a result, she has lived in 3 different countries and quite a few cities, developing a passion for travel and an ability to deal with people from different cultures. From a very young age, Marina knew that she wanted to make a difference, but couldn’t really grasp at what it was exactly that she wanted to do.Marina has recently graduated from the University of São Paulo Law School, and has been working with Economic/Antitrust Law for the last year-and-a-half in a small firm located in São Paulo. However, a career in law was never her true calling, so she has continued looking. Marina is creative and very interested in learning new solutions to problems. She has always believed that education is the most powerful tool to empower people.