SIM Alumni

Marisa Gabriel 

Brazil Class 10

Marisa Gabriel is a fashion and textile designer specialized in Sociology of Design. In the middle of her fashion degree, she noticed that fashion design was meaningless if it only pursues sales as most universities teach; so, she started to follow sustainable paths, to try and solve the disconnection she found between people and fashion, people working in the industry and fashion, workers and users, fashion and the environment. This is when she realised that the main issue might be the disconnection between people and themselves, and the environment, and most of all the difficulty to change human patterns, production models and consumption that once were functional but today must be reconsidered to tackle inequalities, social crisis, climate change, lack of resources, and other challenges that we face.  

Deep and passionate about people and nature, always looking for different perspectives, she studied sociology of design and yoga, trying to understand the world as a whole in a holistic way. Joining the Amani community is a way to empower herself and be part of the solution!