SIM Alumni

Markéta Mikuličáková

Markéta is from the Czech Republic, where she currently works as the leader of the socially innovative project Symbios - aimed to provide shared housing for young people leaving institutional care.

Markéta studied chemistry (Chemistry of Conservation - Restoration) and early music (Baroque violin playing) at Masaryk University in Brno, she is also currently completing her studies in biomaterials and cosmetics at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. During her studies, she worked as a music teacher, founded the non-profit organization Animato with the aim of bringing culture to forgotten places (their biggest projects are Little Musician - a music project focused on children's musical development and the reconstruction of folk clothing in her home village). She has also volunteered in various non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic and in Tanzania, and has been part of the Association for Effective Altruism.

Markéta loves to connect different things and cross the boundaries of different fields. A wide portfolio of activities enables her life motto - touching human hearts and touching human wounds through art and music (which are eternal), and creating social innovations (that solve problems here and now). She believes it is an endless balance between the present time and eternity.