SIM Alumni

Matilde Zadig

Fundraiser, Greenpeace

Matilde loves exploring the social, cultural and ecological kaleidoscope of the world. Ten years ago she moved to Kenya to study a year at the Swedish School in Nairobi and that was when she discovered her interest in social problems and injustices. Since then she has lived in Norway, India, France and Nicaragua. Matilde holds a BA in Social Anthropology with a focus on Peace and Conflict Studies and Feminist Theories. She is passionate about everyday acts of resistance to power structures. She has conducted fieldwork with feminist activist groups, organized a political feminist Home-party and initiated community movie screenings. Last fall Matilde interned at the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). Her interest in social engagements has led her closer to trying to enable and enforce civil society action, which is why she is currently working as a Greenpeace fundraiser. In her life, she strives for equality, creativity, independence, sustainability, solidarity and freedom.