SIM Alumni

Maxime Olivier Garde

Maxime is a French National and has been living in São Paulo (Brazil) for 8 years now. He has a Master’s in Banking and Finance at the University Lyon 2, in France, with a year as an exchange student at the Copenhagen Business School, in Denmark. He started his career at BNP Paribas Bank in Geneva (Switzerland). After 7 years he moved to BNP Paribas Brazil where he spent the last 8 years and ended up running the Structuring Department for Corporate Trade Loans. In between, he spent nearly one year in South Korea for a personal project.

In Brazil, he volunteered with the Art of Living Foundation, an organization that provides stress relief courses for the general public, for people in prisons, and for women victims of domestic violence. He recently became an Art of Living Teacher for the Trauma Relief Program and is currently organizing his first course.

He joined the Social Innovation Management program to learn how to use his skills and experience in the financial market for other purposes, participating together with millions of people to create the changes that current social and environmental challenges require.