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Maylis Bezuidenhoudt

Maylis Bezuidenhoudt

Global Communication Assistant

Maylis received a Business Degree in Organisational Psychology from the University of Cape Town and since has worked in talent acquisition and company branding.

Having grown up in a French and South African household, she has experienced life in both a developed and developing country. When she was 16 years old, she spent two-months in the Middle East, in Oman, as part of a school exchange program. She lived with her Indian host family and attended a school for Indian expatriates. Undertaking this solo trip all the way from South Africa, she experienced a double culture shock that helped her learn about different ways of life. Still today, some of Maylis’ closest friends come from her time there.

Being part of the Amani global communication team allows Maylis to blend her passions and interest in marketing and people, whilst making a difference through social impact. When not working, Maylis is also a trustee, volunteer, and mentor for a local non-profit called Great Girls that helps empower young girls in disadvantaged and gang-ridden areas of Cape Town. Although having extremely different backgrounds, Maylis and her mentees have overcome these barriers to become a tight-knit pod.