SIM Alumni

Naomi Wanjiru

Founder, Creative Director, Plastic Fantastic

Ciru is a multi-dimensional artist leveraging eight years of creative experience and four years of law school to build the community venture, Plastic Fantastic Kenya. She has collaborated and performed in local art spaces such as the GoDown Arts Centre to create stories around daily, Kenyan experiences using contemporary dance, acting, singing and playing guitar.As Co-Founder and the Creative Orchestrator of Plastic Fantastic Kenya, she's responsible for artisan relationships, product design and leading children's classes. With a passion for storytelling, conversations and using art to create systemic change in the world, she has always been a visionary at heart. She loves seeing people’s eyes light up when they realize that trash is valuable and can be used to positively impact lives and create new employment opportunities. Through Plastic Fantastic Kenya, she has found a way to infuse her passions into her life’s work.