Nasreen Dhanji

Founder, Bluesky Innovations Ltd

Nasreen Dhanji is an Innovation Specialist with Bluesky Innovations Ltd., a consultancy that assists organizations in developing and strengthening their innovative capabilities. She has Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Space Studies, and Business Administration. Nasreen spent 12 years of her career working at the Canadian Space Agency where she supported robotics operations on the International Space Station, trained Astronauts on the use of the Space Station robotics system, and supported technology development and innovation within the Canadian space sector. She has worked closely with government, private sector, and academia on the development of new technologies relating to space. Nasreen has performed extensive research in the area of innovation on topics such as Creative Culture, Design Thinking, Lean Start Up, Value Innovation, Disruptive Innovation, and Business Innovation Strategies. She now applies this expertise in her consulting career at Bluesky Innovations.