SIM Alumni

Natalie Meyo

Natalie is a passionate policy and legal professional contributing to sustainable development. Her diverse experiences in both the public and private sectors span across Africa, Asia and Europe. Currently she works in government leveraging her expertise to navigate complex landscapes and develop innovative solutions to support trade facilitation and economic growth. She also lends her expertise as a consultant on sustainability to organizations like ACNBS.

Natalie's passion for social justice is evident throughout her career. Her early experiences advocating for human rights in India with Project Caste Away instilled in her a deep passion for social justice and development. This passion fueled her legal career at Dentons and later SPEAK Human Rights and Environmental Initiative, where she tackled complex issues like human rights violations and environmental protection. She later worked at a tech company, where she spearheaded digitization initiatives for small businesses in the EMEA region. She holds a Masters degree in law from SOAS University of London, and is a recipient of the UNESCO Chair Leadership Award and Amandla Fellowship Award.

Natalie's passion for sustainable development led her to work in the public sector. There, she worked in various roles from policy to stakeholder management with initiatives that resulted in significant increases in stakeholder satisfaction and revenue performance. She was inspired to grow and learn how to better support the growth of the business ecosystem. This led her to be an Amani institute Fellow where she took on a transformative leadership journey. Her experiences enabled her to work at the IFRC and led her to develop her own sustainability projects. She also founded Lengo Moja initiative and participates in mentorship supporting girls in school. She enjoys leveraging her expertise on impactful projects that promote a sustainable future. A former runner, she spends her free time hiking, doing yoga poetry, and hosting people.