SIM Alumni

Nicola Yammine

Executive Director, Beca A Un Pana

Nicola hails from Caracas, Venezuela, and is a lawyer trained from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB). He is also soon to graduate with a Master’s Degree in Political and Government from Universidad Metropolitana (UNIMET).

As Executive Director of Beca A Un Pana, Nicola has experience managing a nonprofit organization, which is responsible for improving education in Venezuela. Beca A Un Pana ensures access to higher education from private universities, aims to increase students’ numbers with relevant skills for current societal challenges, and works towards expanding available scholarships. Nicola is also a fellow from the Young Leader of the Americas Initiative (YLAI), and an active member of the Global Shapers Community from the Caracas Hub. 

Nicola foresees a future in which investing in education can equip tomorrow’s leaders with the necessary tools for social change and societal development. At Amani Institute, he hopes he can become a better version of himself and continue improving as a social entrepreneur.