SIM Alumni

Nikole Catalina Zamudio Romero

Born in Bogota and raised between the United States and Colombia, Nikole holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Estate, Public Policies and Development. She worked for the Colombian Government for four years in various social and economic development initiatives and led World Bank projects in Colombia. Realizing that she would prefer to help from a different perspective she took one year off for self-discovery, traveling around the world. She was able to understand first-hand the cultural aspects of many countries, their main social and economic problems and how they implement strategies to tackle them. After this journey she volunteered in the New York Cares foundation (New York City) for one year. In 2015 she helped to create an association for young people named Lighthouse in Bogota - Colombia. Her long-term goal is to start her own social enterprise empowering women and young people.