SIM Alumni

Njeri Mwangi

Special Projects Lead, Head of Business Unit, Co-founder at Pawa254

"Active Citizens pushing for better life, socially, economically and politically."

Njeri Mwangi is the Co- founder of Pawa254, a collaborative hub where journalists, artists and activists meet to find innovative ways of achieving social change. Pawa254 is the first collaborative space in Africa bringing together established and aspiring photographers, cartoonists, animators, creative designers, videographers and filmmakers, as well as entrepreneurs and activists, to work, learn, and share in an environment that inspires creativity for social change. PAWA254 derives its name from a combination of the English word “power” in Swahili and 254, Kenya's country code, as a symbol of national strength and unity. They hope to generate a simple model that can be replicated across the country and beyond Kenya’s borders. The initiative seeks to empower youth to find their voice and draw them in to create their desired destinies by being actively involved in building the communities they want to live in and in turn the country they want.  Njeri is a fun loving individual who loves her family unapologetically. She enjoys the outdoors (camping, hiking, climbing), photography, motorcycling (biking), reading and the occasional watching movies with her kids. She lives in Nairobi with her husband and 3 children.