SIM Alumni

Paula King

Play-Based Learning Educator, Tuiu: Learning Through Play

Paula is an international spirit having lived in Brazil, Kenya and South Africa. After going back to Brazil she started working in rural schools in the Amazon where she facilitated educational activities around the usage of water. For almost 3 years she kept going back and forth from Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state, to São Paulo.

She founded Tuiu: Learning Through Play which is an after school educational initiative based in São Paulo, Brazil. The project aims to nurture children's curiosity, imagination and love of learning through creative child-led activities. The idea was born when Paula saw the stark contrast between the creativity and autonomy of the children in the Amazon to the children in the metropolitan city of São Paulo.

Paula is a lifelong learner after doing courses in Social Innovation Management (at Amani Institute), Pedagogy, Bilingualism and Play. If you are interested in the development of children and eager to collaborate with Paula, please reach out to her.