SIM Alumni

Pedro Muszkat

Pedro’s  life starts with his grandfather’s saying: It is better to give then to receive.When Pedro was to decide what to do for his future, he knew he-wanted to create things that solved other peoples problems. Because of that, he chose to study Product Design. The last project he was part of in the university was an inclusive bicycle that was exhibited in the Bienal Brazilian Design and Museo da casa brasileira.Pedro was volunteer coordinator in the sustentability department in the biggest house for disabled people in Brazil – APAE, teaching, through informal activities, disabled people about sustentability.Post Graduated in Business, Pedro decided to open his own business- Ecotrekos (ecological gifts).In the meantime, Pedro also works as part of the Jovens sem Fronteiras doing activities in communities that need some help.Lastly, pedro was selected to be part of Jovens Talentos Program in the Arymax foundation which invests in young people that have the capacity to change the community in which they are inserted. Although engaged in a lot of activities, something was still missing, so Pedro created a new project called Wall4all. This company shows the art of “grafiteiros“ (graffiti artists), which are not always acknowledged by the community, by exposing the art work in products such as mugs, frames, plates, hats, etc.