SIM Alumni

Phoebe Oriama

Electrical Development Engineer, BURN Manufacturing

Phoebe is a development engineer who is excited about the role of innovation and engineering in improving the quality of lives and communities in Africa. With 3 years of experience in engineering and design, she has gained valuable insight while developing solutions that impact communities. She has led and been part of innovative projects across energy, healthcare, and water sectors, proactively taking roles in product development and management. Employing human-centered design to solve community pain points, she is keen on social innovation & management as an area of growing expertise.

Phoebe holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Nairobi. She is currently working in the energy space, developing innovative solutions in clean cooking in Nairobi Kenya.

A long-term guitarist and dog mum, Phoebe is a passionate engager, always eager to listen to people's stories. Phoebe believes that people's experiences and stories are powerful in shaping perspectives and in change-making.