Raiana Lira

Program Manager (Brazil), Amani Institute

Raiana is a Program Manager in Brazil. She started her career as a researcher and lecturer and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biology (Rural Federal University of Pernambuco - UFRPE) and Phd in Ecology and Natural Resources (Federal University of Ceará - UFC). She lectured in some Universities during six years, but most time at Faculdade de Boa Viagem (Adtalem group).

After several years as volunteer in Youth for United World and after doing an Apprenticeship in Communion Economy at Mudell and Associates environmental consultancy services, she decided to follow her personal purpose which she discovered was building a world with more social and environmental justice.

So, she started a career shift and co-managed a business incubator for social impact initiatives (Profor - Anpecom) for three years and developed business consultancy services around human-centered management and social impact. During her free time, she practices sustainability, does yoga, and also enjoys photography, reading, dancing and writing poetry.