Rajesh Rani

Co-Founder, MEWE

Raj has been a global citizen since he was a child. Born to a Colombian mother and an Indian father, he grew up in Paraguay and Brasil. It didn’t take long for his explorer spirit to take him around the world to work, study and travel. He obtained a double major degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Michigan (USA), attended an exchange program in Democracy, Power and Conflict and Developmental Economics at London School of Economics (UK) and holds a Service Designer title from the School of Innovation EISE (Brasil).

He started his professional journey in the finance sector with experiences at Kraft Foods, ABN/Santander Bank and LFS Consulting, where he managed microfinance projects in Liberia and Tanzania. In search for a complementary outlook for his career, he decided to swap numbers for people and went on to work in HR (Grupo DMRH) and Innovation (Box1824) consultancies, with focus in human development, career orientation, recruiting and headhunting. He is an enthusiastic practitioner of the Art of Hosting and Theory U (Presencing) methods.
His interest in exploring the topic of workplace relations added to his entrepreneurial moment, led him to co-found MEWE, a collective of professionals from the innovation field who created a new working system for freelancers and individual professionals.
His favorite combination: food, people, music and wine.