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Renata Broglias Mendes

At an early age, Renata discovered her passions: traveling and meeting new people. When she was 15, Renate left Brazil and went to England to learn English. Afterwards, she went to France, Canada and India. She eventually got a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo, specializing in social marketing. After starting a career in the private sector doing investment consulting and agribusiness, she became a volunteer (and later coordinator) for a yoga project at the Fundaçao CASA, a prison for young girls. Through this experience, Renata discovered that she could only work for an organization that tried to make a difference in people’s lives, such as empowering those girls through teaching yoga. Renata got her Post Graduate Degree in Yoga at FMU, receiving training from the best teachers of Brazil, USA and India. Now Renata has 12 years of experience in yoga facilitation and human development and 8 years of immersion in Vedic studies in India. She teaches yoga, Ayurveda and Vedanta for courses and retreats in Brazil and in India and lectures on health for several events and conferences.