SIM Alumni

Renata Broglias Mendes

Actveda, Founder

Renata Mendes is an international speaker and trainer, self-knowledge specialist and social entrepreneur. A student of the Vedas, Renata travels every year to India seeking to expand and improve her knowledge. She created Actveda, a social business to make self-knowledge accessible to everyone for peace building. Actveda fortifies individuals and groups in their personal searches and promotes the alignment of purpose and action. She got a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo, specializing in social marketing. She has a post-graduate degree in Yoga from FMU and in Social Innovation Management at Amani Institute in Brazil in 2015, and certified with the Non-Violent Communication community. Her passion is to combine different kinds of knowledge to change the world from the inside out and create a safe and meaningful conversation. She was awarded “Woman of the Decade in Community Leadership and Social Change” at the Women’s Economic Forum in 2017 for her 15 years of work with Fundação CASA, a yoga project at a Brazilian juvenile system for young girls, and in 2016 she found Instituto Mundo Aflora, an initiative that offers adolescents in conflict with law the opportunity to make new choices in life.