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Roberta Neves Rodrigues

Amani Regional Community Leader Brazil

Roberta is a world travel enthusiast, nature defender, volunteer and helper at heart. She also is passionate about connecting with people. Born and raised in the interior of São Paulo (Brazil), she had the opportunity to live in the United States and study in England.

With a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Campinas / University of Manchester (Science without Borders), Roberta built a versatile career through different corporations, focused on areas such as Consumer Goods (3M), Agriculture (Bayer), and Health (Dasa). She also explored different roles covering positions in Processes and Production, Strategic Marketing, Campaign Management, Services Strategy, among others.

From a very young age, Roberta understood different realities and helped others through her parents’ initiatives. For years she taught English to children and adults in NGOs located in violent communities, participated in on-the-job activities such as teaching Material Physics to young adults at 3M, and went to Tanzania to teach children in extreme poverty. All these experiences shaped who she is and created the belief that change can be facilitated in the world. She wants to shift her career to the social impact sector, and focus on creating a positive impact on the lives of as many people as she can.