SIM Alumni

Roseline Orwa

Founder, Rona Foundation

From the onset, Roseline knew her life was not going to be ordinary - she was reading and speaking even before starting school. She founded her own company Onset Designers when she was still a student. Having attained a Diploma (with several awards) in Graphic Design & Printing at The Technical University of Kenya, along with 10 years of experience at the Government Press as a Graphic Assistant, her love of fashion gave birth to a tailoring business and later Interior design that became the centre of my work and livelihood. However, early experience of childlessness and abuse woke her to the reality of a society where the value of a woman is in the number of children she bears. Widowhood and the cultural practices that followed sent her searching for support and answers; none existed. She chose to be the voice of widow stigma & abuse and founded Rona Foundation to create awareness and to advocate for the plight of widows in Kenya.