SIM Alumni

Sam Nyamwange

Sam is a young Kenyan sustainability professional with a passion for exploiting the power of technology to foster sustainability and create impact. Currently, Sam serves as the Business Development & Sustainability Lead at NairoBits Trust, a Kenyan non-profit that uses ICT to empower youth from low-income areas. He also doubles up as the Community Support Associate for Crew 2030, a US-based non-profit which offers an online platform for movement leaders to equip, train and connect their communities.

Sam was recognized as a #MyLittleBigThing Innovation Award winner and later as part of the winning team for the IBM East Africa Smart Water Challenge. Sam is an alumni of the Young African Leadership Initiative - Regional Leadership Center of East Africa (YALI-RLC-EA) and KECTIL leadership fellowship both of 2018.

Sam's vision for his career as a changemaker is to foster a more sustainable world where people live in harmony with the environment and economy. Sam has been looking to join the Amani SIM program since 2018 to scale up his impact.