SIM Alumni

Santiago Del Giudice

Atlas Corps Fellow, Red Cross USA

While studying for his degree in Advertising and Institutional Communication, Santiago participated in an internship program for the city government of Buenos Aires as a social communicator. These were his first steps in social change and they ignited his passion for these issues. In addition, they also helped him develop the most effective ways to reach diverse social sectors through efficient communication. Motivated by his interest in getting to know different cultures, he spent four months in New Zealand carrying out fieldwork for Rose Bal LTD. Kiwi fruit Contractors and getting to know Maori and Indian culture. With a serious passion for wildlife, he has previously volunteered in Kenya and traveled all around East Africa.fter graduating from Amani Institute Santiago co-founded Drums in the Dark with Rodrigo and Santiago Cortes. Drums in the Dark is currently a semi-finalist for the Hivos Social Innovation Award.