SIM Alumni

Saray Esteban Ruiz

Saray, originally from Spain,  has lived across more than 6 countries in the past 10 years. Although she has a Business Administration background, she specialized in human resources while working for known organizations abroad.

After many years of working with companies oriented towards economic goals, Saray decided to follow her heart, changing the way she contributes with her work and that is why Amani caught her attention. She hopes to continue her path, working in environments that are focused on humans, their education, and their wellbeing. 

Saray’s passion for alternative therapies got her to the world of Ayurveda 6 years ago. She has specialized in Ayurvedic nutrition and massage as an Ayurveda lifestyle coach. Her trips to India and South America changed her way of conceiving the world. “We can transform our lives and our minds by simply eating the right foods, we are the owners of our truth”.