SIM Alumni

Sébastien Beland Engelmann

Co-Founder, Broken Bridge Clothing

Sébastien is a recent Bachelor of Commerce graduate from Mount Allison University with a creative outlook aspiring to work in the areas of sustainable development and social entrepreneurship. His major in commerce and minor in international politics allow him to critically analyze the role of business in a global context. His keen eye for detail and design as well as his most defining characteristic, his “curiosity,” will ideally help him to contribute innovative and sustainable solutions to the current problems and challenges of our world. Sébastien grew up in Ottawa, Canada and has already participated in exchanges in South America, Asia, and Africa. He enjoys living abroad and learning about foreign cultures. He wishes to take what he learned starting his own clothing company and working in the private sector and apply it to social enterprise. When time permits Sébastien loves running, hiking, contemporary music and movies as well trying new sports. Here’s a link to his top 15 albums of 2015.