SIM Alumni

Selma Moreira 

Selma Moreira is the Executive Director of Baobá – Fundo para Equidade Racial, the first and only fund dedicated exclusively to the promotion of racial equity for the black population in Brazil. She also acted as a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for Walmart, Sustainability Manager at Alphaville Foundation, and as a Project Manager at Fundação Getúlio Vargas Incubator of Popular Cooperatives Technology (ITCP - FGV).  

She is a member of the Advisory Council of the Coca-Cola Institute in Brazil and of  Greenpeace Brazil General Assembly. She graduated from Fundação Instituto Tecnológico de Osasco with a bachelor's in Business Administration, and she holds post-graduate degrees in Strategic Management in Organizational Communication and Public Relations from the University of São Paulo School of Arts and Communication and in Social Enterprise Management from Fundação Instituto de Administração.  

In recent years, her focus has been on deepening academic knowledge of inequality, the black population in Brazil and how to develop creative and innovative solutions to build a better society with social justice and equity. Selma joined Amani because of her deep commitment to learning more ways of building a better society with social justice.