SIM Alumni

Sujata Bhattarai

Biomedical Engineer at Meh Constultants Pvt. Ltd

"A world where people know how to build good health and well being throughout their lives."

Sujata Bhattarai is a biomedical Engineer working in a private consulting company Meh Consultants Pvt.Ltd which works for social impact in different sectors like Health, Education, Engineering, Agriculture, Forestry, etc. She provides technical assistance to prepare technical specifications of medical equipment and also identification of hospital equipment as per project.

She used to work as a non-gazetted government officer in the Department of Health Services. This job gave her the opportunity to travel to many remote places of Nepal, where she came across people deprived of even basic health facilities. This led her to work for their well being. She is also an Alumni of Caux Scholars Program, Initiatives of Change, India.