SIM Alumni

Sylvia Nyaga

Founder, Syna Consultancy

Sylvia Nyaga is a social entrepreneur dedicated to creating water and sanitation solutions for persons living with disabilities in Africa through design and innovation. She graduated with a degree in Water and Environmental Engineering from Egerton University and leveraged her skills to fund her social enterprise, Syna Consultancy.

Syna Consultancy is a social enterprise dedicated to providing equitable and inclusive sanitation solutions paying special attention to the needs of those living with mobility disabilities, the elderly & the sick. She has won awards from the Ministry of Water, Irrigation & Sanitation as well as the Kenya National Innovation Agency and is currently a Techwomen fellow.

During her free time, Sylvia enjoys volunteering and has in the past volunteered for Africa Cancer Foundation and, through AIESEC, worked in education projects in both Rwanda and Bahrain.