SIM Alumni

Tanvi Mittal

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

If one can describe Tanvi in only 3 words, that would be – Curiosity, Creativity and Diversity.Tanvi has an undying curiosity and zest for life. A true explorer at heart, she loves to travel and discover places and people. She loves to live life full with creativity and color – Making art is one of her passions and taking pictures more than just a hobby. She is a carefree dancer and a voracious reader. She likes to explore all kind of non-fictional genres when it comes to reading – preference being psychology, philosophy, gender sensitivity, general sciences and behavioral economics.

She has an inclination to work for social causes particularly related to clean tech, sustainability, gender issues and education. An electronics engineer by profession, she has worked in the field of deep technology (semiconductor industry) for 3 years. She now wants to innovate and pursue entrepreneurship as a next step in her career. The daily motto that she lives by is ‘Grow and improve daily as well help others to get there’.

"There's no right or wrong decision, you take a decision and make it right."