Teresa Chahine

Social Entrepreneurship Program Leader Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Entrepreneur in Residence Harvard iLab

Dr. Teresa Chahine is the author of “Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship,” a 12-step framework to building an impactful venture. A scientist by training, Teresa approaches social entrepreneurship and innovation as the application of the scientific method to solving social problems. After completing her Doctor of Science degree at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Teresa returned to her home country of Lebanon, where she helped launch Alfanar, a venture philanthropy organization. Alfanar provides critical management support and tailored financing to social enterprises serving marginalized populations in Lebanon and Egypt. She also launched the first course on social entrepreneurship at her alma mater, where she continues to support public health students in formulating and implementing sustainable public health interventions. Her book, “Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship,” is based on her course at Harvard, so you don’t have to go to Harvard to take her course! You can watch the videos and get started growing your impact at www.teresachahine.com. Connect on social media @teresachahine and @AlfanarVP