SIM Alumni

Tiago Carrara

Co-Founder, Vimba, Associate Director, Fitch Ratings

Tiago grew up in a small town in a countryside region of Brazil. It was there that he started to learn the importance of sharing and developed a deep sense of community. At 17, he went to the big city to graduate as an economist and explore new possibilities. After a long period working in the financial markets as an Investments Analyst in companies like Citigroup and Fitch Ratings, he is now pursuing new challenges in social business and entrepreneurship to complete his transition of career and personal life. Tiago has also co-founded a startup of digital marketing and corporate social responsibility named Vimba and participated in Next Startups – Germinadora, co-sponsored by Google. Tiago has great interest in alternative business structures and entrepreneurship experiences related with cooperative models. He believes in empathy and empowerment of people as changemakers.