SIM Alumni

Vanessa Sidorenko

Founder, Green Youth Venezuela

Vanessa graduated with a degree in Supply Chain Management in Venezuela in 2015. Since then she has been working actively in the food Industry and has gone on to be a  team leader in one of the main warehouses for Kraft Food Inc. This has given her the opportunity to develop her leadership skills. This leadership practice, coupled with different courses on coaching, gave her the inspiration to get involved in the social sector. 

This desire prompted her to join AIESEC where she was able to practice leadership in a social context. In 2 years at AIESEC, she managed to get forge new strategic alliances with different partners, allowing her to become Vice President for the Outgoing Global Community Development Program. She also led and developed a local project called “Regalarte”, a project that gave children with limited resources the opportunity to explore seven different types of art and give them a way to express themselves.

She has a great concern about the environmental issues in her country, which led to her teaming up with two close friends to form the Green Youth - an NGO aimed at raising awareness in the society about environmental problems and conservation.

Vanessa hopes that at Amani Institute, she will gain the tools and knowledge to become a change maker through education and consequently influence positive social impact. She enjoys travelling, reading and exploring new cultures.