SIM Alumni

Varshapriya Radhakrishnan

Varsha is a Design Strategist who practices design principles to drive change. She is originally from Kerala in southern India and lived there for 18 years until she moved to Pune in western India to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design from Symbiosis Institute of Design. She currently works at Icarus Nova, an innovation and product development firm, with a focus in medical technology and healthcare.

Varsha has eight years of experience working in the healthcare domain with startups, hospitals, academic institutions and global medical device companies to develop solutions for emerging markets and underserved communities. She has an avid interest in trying to understand complex service ecosystems and believes that working closely with users has helped her understand their experiences (stories, pain points, aspirations) and translate those into meaningful product and service interventions. She aims to use her opportunity at Amani Institute to deepen her skill set as an intrapreneur for social impact along with gaining knowledge, confidence and clarity to build her own venture in the future.