SIM Alumni

Yashaswi Dugar

Yashaswi was raised in the cultural capital of India, Calcutta. She is a contemporary art practitioner specializing in expanded paintings and photography that are detail-oriented and rooted in realism. Her interest revolves around social issues and human relationships.  

Parallel to this, she works in the business development side of her family business, helping streamline operations, managing projects and leading investments in diversified and impact focused start-ups across India.  

Whilst working for a plant-based meat start-up in 2020, she completed a 6-week online course  by Harvard, Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. She learnt about identifying and overcoming institutional voids through case examples of social enterprises in developing regions. Doing good will have a lasting impact if it’s a top-down function. However, ordinary people must participate for this change to exist. 

She wishes to lead a purposeful life, committed to using my art as a vessel to challenge social issues and my work to create a positive impact on the planet.