SIM Alumni

Yvonne Hendrych

Founder, Workinbalance

Yvonne has always been fascinated by people, their different life trajectories and their different cultural and geographical backgrounds and stories.

Trained as a German lawyer and having worked for more than 10 years in Brussels in the field of European politics, advocating and lobbying, Yvonne decided it was time for a radical change.

Searching for a professional path which would bring her closer to directly impacting individuals and generating positive change, Yvonne went on a life changing journey, which took her to Thailand, India, New York, Munich and Sao Paulo and offered her the most precious and inspiring life and learning experiences.

Throughout her own professional journey and career transition the question of pursuing a meaningful and impactful career in alignment with one’s personal values, dreams and aspirations became a reoccurring and persistent topic which ultimately turned into her new professional venture.

After 2 years of combining pro-bono work with professional training from NYU in New York, the AMANI INSTITUTE in Sao Paulo and UPEACE, the United Nations-mandated University, Centre for Executive Education, specialising in “Social Innovations” and “Life-Designing” Yvonne felt ready to create WORKINBALANCE.

Her mission is to support individuals, organisations/companies and training institutes in exploring innovative tools and techniques, like Life Designing, with the aim of designing a work culture and life where people can flourish and thrive, professionally as well as in their personal lives.

As result of her own personal Life Design, Yvonne is now splitting her professional and private life between Sao Paulo and Europe.