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Fellowship Programs have been increasing in number and their impact all over the world. More and more professionals are now seeking non-traditional ways of building their careers and exploring their interests, and fellowships are one of them. At Amani Institute, we have deep experience in the design and delivery of fellowship programs. From building our own Post Graduate Program in Social Innovation Management, to partnering with organizations across the world to design and deliver their fellowship programs. Our programs are designed to transcend borders, offering unique experiences that empower participants to make a difference on a global scale.

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Crafting Impactful Fellowship Experiences

Establishing a fellowship program can be both exciting and daunting for any organization. That’s where having a reliable design partner becomes invaluable. With our extensive experience in this space, we create impactful and well thought out end-to-end fellowship experiences tailored to your organization’s unique goals and objectives. Regardless of your fellowship’s core topic or theme, our expertise guarantees a tailored approach that maximizes effectiveness.

Leadership and Innovation Content Partnerships

We specialize in providing tailored content solutions that align with your program’s objectives and desired outcomes. Upon understanding the overarching goals and impact you aim to achieve, we curate meticulously planned curricula and program structures that precisely cater to those needs. We will help you deliver a dynamic and impactful fellowship experience that empowers participants to thrive in leadership and innovation roles.

Train the Trainer (TOT) Expertise

In addition to our proficiency in designing curricula for fellowship programs, we excel in training trainers (TOT). We have honed the ability to develop comprehensive curriculum frameworks and seamlessly transition them to the lead organization, facilitating language translation and further contextualization opportunities. This ensures the program’s content remains relevant and impactful in diverse settings. We empower your team to effectively deliver transformative fellowship experiences within your community.

We take pride in our ability to deliver fellowship programs worldwide. Leveraging our dedicated team of facilitators, we have the flexibility to travel to various regions across the globe. Whether in-person, hybrid, or online, our adaptable approach allows us to run our programming in formats that best suit the needs of our partners and participants. Let us bring our expertise and passion for impact to your fellowship program, regardless of geographical boundaries.


Creating Contextualized Programs

Outcome definitions


Collaborate with our client to thoroughly analyze the needs and desired outcomes.
High level design


Work with stakeholders to design facilitative processes that will address our client’s needs.
Facilitation tools and techniques


Choose the relevant facilitation tools and techniques to best achieve the results of the planned intervention.
Program management and monitoring


Deploy the various tools and techniques to encourage collaborative work towards the facilitation objectives.
Debrief and evaluation


Use data to ensure the primary needs of the client are met and identify new growth opportunities

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Case Studies

A few examples of our work

McCain Institute

Developing leadership worldviews and concept-of-self with impact and purpose at the center of The McCain Global Leaders Program.

In 2022, Amani Institute partnered with McCain institute to redesign and deliver an innovative and effective curriculum that meets the needs of the Global Leaders Program. We continue to develop innovative content and facilitate the fellowship to date.

Young African Leaders Initiative

Fostering leadership and innovation through creative learning

In 2015, the YALI East Africa team approached Amani Institute to design and facilitate the Civic Leadership track of the program to empower and support young African leaders. We have delivered 52 cohorts, training over 2300 young leaders.

The American University of Iraq – Sulaimani


Attend to your learning and development needs

Address tough, adaptive challenges with the skills, strategies and tools change leaders need to mobilize people in your organization outside moving outside their comfort zones.
Usher in profound and enduring transformation with awareness of your concealed beliefs, assumptions, and commitments that fuel your immunity to change.
Use the skills of appreciative inquiry and empathy to build the potential of yourself and others. Learn the mindsets, skills, tools and conceptual frameworks of coaching principles with all your stakeholders.
Understand various tools to improve communication, such as non-violent communication, or learn frameworks to amplify impact while giving presentations.
Understand how storytelling works as a tool for mobilization and motivation and develop your capacity to lead by learning how to tell an effective story when it really matters and to engage all stakeholders around you.
Develop people as a leader of purpose-driven teams by harnessing the powers of communication. Learn from coaching and non-violent communication through live practice sessions guided by frameworks that create positive cultures in teams.
Discover how trustworthiness is increased through getting an in-depth understanding of trust characteristics and further explores why trust is important in effective team building.
Improve and optimally utilize the intrinsic motivation of people and teams with the fundamental tools and techniques that drive motivation.
Delegate effectively as a manager with the frameworks that map your team’s individual capabilities and help teams work more efficiently and sustainably.
Increase your self-awareness so you can better understand yourself and others, make conscious decisions and practice new behaviors to impact the world positively.Leadership Circle 360, MBTI, MAP Assessment, Individual Leadership Style Profile, DiSC Assessment
Map out the causes of conflict between individuals and teams with their individual inherent style of conflict response and other techniques that make conflict management effective.
Understand diversity and its importance for inclusive teams, the difference between equity and equality and what this means for including others. Discover how storytelling can be used in inclusive leadership and learn how to build a culture of inclusion in organizations.
Introduce yourself to an effective framework for structured communication during a feedback or developmental conversation and understand how you can create feedback cultures.
Develop more than just a skill but a strategic advantage by empowering leaders to understand the stages of change and drive successful change initiatives that foster adaptability with change management frameworks.
Understand the Design Thinking mindsets and process to solve social problems and practice the five step design thinking process in an accelerated manner.
Understand the components of systems and learn to analyze them using a variety of models. Use your systems thinking knowledge to strategically intervene in a system and create systemic change.
Learn from our signature Amani Social Innovation Framework to identify and develop a solution for a social challenge of your choice, inspired by our primary learning by doing methodology.
Explore the meaning behind being an intrapreneur while developing the core skills that drive positive change and innovation within your organization.
Prepare leaders with the right tools to navigate constantly evolving realities, equipping them with ways to make better decisions and find balance. Recognize the role of polarities in organizational and personal decision making, and learn how to apply a framework to manage them.