Foundations of Positive Leadership

Obtain the skills and tools to confidently lead teams in person and remotely.

Short-Term Course

Limited spots available

Time 5 Weeks
Price US$ 400
Language ENG

You are in the right place to

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Confidence to lead your teams on another level.

Only 10% of people are natural leaders; another 20% show some qualities that can be cultivated into high-quality leadership.

Key elements of this Course

Improve confidence in early-stage leaders when working with teams

Understand strengths and values and how they inform work and leadership

Build trust and motivation in teams

Manage conflict and create a safe space to give and receive feedback


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All classes will take place on Wednesdays at 4:30pm CET

Program Dates

12 April

Introduction to Leadership & Leadership Storytelling

19 April

Strengths-based Leadership & Core Values

26 April

Building Trust in Teams & Motivating Teams

3 May

Feedback & Having Difficult Conversations

10 May

Delegation and Leadership Philosophy

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Program Content

We will explore concepts that have shaped our leadership ideas. Connecting where we come from with what we do can be a powerful motivator and can help ground who we are as leaders in values and purpose. Questions we will ask are: what is the difference between management and leadership? What makes a good leader? Can I learn to be a good leader?
Together we will lean into strengths-based leadership as the more effective and motivating approach for ourselves and our team. We will discuss why strengths-based leadership is a crucial aspect to positive leadership. In addition, we will explore some of the values that guide our work. We will answer questions such as how to use our strengths to our advantages?
Are you part of a remote team like us? Together we will explore how to create trust and motivation in teams. We will discuss what four aspects affect trust and how you can work on each of them. What are strategies we can work on through the SCARF model (Dan Pink) to increase motivation and decrease fear in teams?
Executing better and more effective communication within ourselves and our teams while we reflect on the issues that have risen in your team before. This is much easier said than done though. Having difficult conversations is a crucial skill to have as a positive leader. How can we give feedback in an empathetic and effective way? How can we approach difficult conversations with confidence?
As leaders, we will need to learn how to delegate. We will discuss how and who to delegate to in order to work to our and our team’s full potential. And finally, we finish the course by drafting a guiding document that serves as the Northern Light for our leadership journey. We will cover questions such as: What is our leadership philosophy? What are the guiding principles of who we are as a leader?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Positive leadership is all about purposefully utilizing empathy, humility and purpose to bring out the best in teams and enable them to work at their most effective and efficient.

Leadership starts with understanding and leading yourself. So even if you (currently) don’t have a team, learning leadership skills and tools will help your journey forward.
And, if you work with other people, having confidence in your ability as a leaders is crucial.

Absolutely! The course will take about four to six hours of your time every week. And ideally, you will be immediately able to apply some of the course’s concepts in your work.
We do recommend that you give your manager a heads-up that you are taking part in the course – firstly, because communication is key to good relationships, and, secondly, maybe your manager can even support your on your leadership journey?

During the course, you will meet three different facilitators with different backgrounds and stories. All three of them bring a…

Alongside preparation material and short weekly quizzed, you can expect two major outputs: in the first week, we will start crafting our leadership stories. By the end of the course, you will have all the knowledge you need to create your personal leadership philosophy: a document that will be essential in driving your leadership journey forward.

The course covers topics on personal leadership, as well as skills and tools that you can use with your team at work, to improve the way you work with each other, or solve conflict.

This course is designed for you if you:

  • Are an early-stage leader with less than 1,5 years of experience or if you are preparing yourself to be a leader
  • Don’t have a lot of knowledge and/or experience in leadership and leading teams
  • Want to create impact in the world through your work
  • Want to invest in yourself, by upgrading your confidence in yourself and your skills of self-awareness, communication and motivating teams
  • Wants to build an international leadership network
  • Speak an advanced level of English

Yes! If you completed all mandatory assignments, quizzes, and attended four out of five webinars, you will receive the Amani Institute’s Foundations of Positive Leadership certificate.