L4G at Your Organization

For 12+ employees, either in-person or in a digital version.

L4G In-House

The leadership development solution to train middle and senior-level managers.

Time 3-6 months
Price TBD
Language ENG or PT

We can run a special edition of this award-winning program exclusively for your organization

Based on our extensive experience with Small and Growing Businesses in emerging markets, we will provide a tailored solution for your managers, defining a schedule that meet your needs, wherever you are.

Do you have 12 or more employees who would benefit from a leadership development training? Do you want your middle and senior-level managers to gain the skills to drive innovation and growth at your company? Do you need flexibility with dates, calendars and format? Do you have a preferred location for the the program? Let us know and we will be happy to create a customized edition of this program for your organization!


Direct positive impact on the business

Managers who have joined the program from 8 countries
Small and growing businesses involved
Average revenues growth for participating companies
Participants who report a significant improvement in their leadership skills

The program trains participants to have impact on three levels


Leading Self

Who am I as a leader? What is my leadership style? What are my strengths?

Leading Others

How do I create an environment where people can thrive? How do I engage my team members and keep them motivated?

Leading the Business

How can I support my organization in creating value? How can I best solve problems? How do I help scale the organization?

Key benefits

Employers can expect:

  • Immediate business results as your staff acquire the innovation and leadership skills to manage the organization both in changing future.
  • An efficient manager development solution that doesn’t take your manager away from the business.
  • A localized curriculum to learn best practices from the cutting-edge of global leadership and management thinking, at affordable local prices.
  • A solution to talent retention challenges with more engaged employees.

Participating managers will:

  • Gain essential tools and leadership skills including strategy, systems thinking, innovation, team development.
  • Take advantage of a highly interactive, hands-on curriculum designed to transfer their new skills to their day-to-day job.
  • Implement a business innovation project that will create a direct positive impact on your business.
  • Drive innovation culture in your organization.

Organizations who chose L4G in-house

Local editions

Leadership for Growth already runs in different countries around the world. Find out if there is an open enrolment program starting near you!

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