Leadership for Growth Gujarat

Join a transformative journey tailored for founders and senior leaders dedicated to making a difference in Gujarat’s dynamic social impact ecosystem.



Time 5 Months
Price INR 5,000 - 15,000
Language ENG

Boost your organization’s potential for Impact

In partnership with Breitling, this special edition of the Leadership for Growth program is crafted to galvanize impact leaders towards a sustainable future.

Gujarat’s story is one of progress and potential, and we are dedicated to aiding its growth. Our five-month journey will unfurl in Ahmedabad. Our in-house facilitators and mentors will champion learning, growth, and collective action. This program is designed to address the leadership and talent acquisition challenges that organizations encounter today, that require strategic decision-making and unwavering resilience.

This project is being supported by the Diamond Impact Fund of

A Note on Program Fee

Our Leadership for Growth program offers a flexible fee scale of INR 5,000 to 15,000 per organization, wherein an organization can nominate up to two employees. This initiative, backed by our partner Breitling, aims to promote inclusivity by accommodating organizations based on their financial capacity, deviating from the standard fee of INR 1,00,000+ per participant.


This experiential program is specifically tailored for nonprofits and social enterprises with the ambition and potential for expansion in the coming years.

You are eligible if

  • You are a mid to senior level leader of your organization in Gujarat
  • You have a strong desire to elevate your leadership skills and wish to grow/scale your organization and its impact
  • You lead people/teams and are in a decision-making capacity

Your organization is eligible if

  • It is a registered non-profit or social enterprise
  • Its operations are rooted in Gujarat, with the majority of your work impacting the local community
  • It has at least 7-10 full-time employees

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Our Leadership for Growth program in Gujarat is the catalyst your organization needs to unlock its full potential. Tailored for nonprofits and social enterprises poised for significant growth, this program is not just training—it’s a strategic investment in the very heart of your operations: your founders and senior leadership. We focus on equipping your team with the skills and insights needed to scale your impact and ensure the sustainable success of your organization.

Program Outcomes


Empowered Leadership

Makes you more effective in your role by learning to lead with greater confidence and competence, resulting in improved organizational performance.


Strengthened Network

Provides an excellent opportunity to network, share experiences, collaborate and learn from fellow changemakers to drive lasting change in the ecosystem.


Future-proofed Organizations

Equips you with skills to groom future leaders in your organization and helps develop knowledge necessary to navigate transitions and guide teams through challenging times.

Important Dates
25 March 2024

Enrollment Deadline

29 March 2024


05 April 2024


09-10 April 2024

Program Kick-Off

Application Process

Getting Started

Explore the program and fill up the query form (optional) to seek additional insights or address your queries

Application Submission

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Interview Process

Engage in a brief interview with our team to assess your organization’s alignment with the program

Program Schedule

Module 1: Leading Self

09-10 Apr 2024
This module nurtures self-awareness about participants’ leadership and management style and fosters new mindsets for their development as leaders. This knowledge is vital for managing people effectively and building relationships with clients/customers and other stakeholders.

Module 2: Leading Others

10-11 May 2024
Participants learn to engender trust among clients and team members, communicate effectively both internally and externally, and foster a motivational work environment. This positively influences employee engagement and retention, as well as overall impact of the organization.

Module 3: Leading Impact

07-08 Jun 2024
In Modules 3 & 4, participants acquire key skills, tools, and frameworks necessary to elevate the organization to the next level. This includes human-centric approaches for problem-solving or innovation, systematic and analytical thinking – attributes crucial for differentiation in any industry and integral to overall organizational impact.

Module 4: Leading Impact

05-06 Jul 2024
In Modules 3 & 4, participants acquire key skills, tools, and frameworks necessary to elevate the organization to the next level. This includes human-centric approaches for problem-solving or innovation, systematic and analytical thinking – attributes crucial for differentiation in any industry and integral to overall organizational impact.

Impact Showcase

03 Aug 2024
A space for participants to showcase the work they have done so far and learn from the journeys of other participants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. You can be involved in the following ways:

  • Mentorship – we will pair our participants with individuals across sectors and expertise based on expressed needs.
  • On-ground support – we are looking for individuals to support us with logistics on-ground in Ahmedabad. Someone based in the city is preferred.
  • Communications – we are looking to work with content creators to capture the in-person workshops happening once a month in Ahmedabad. We would expect these individuals to edit and share their footage in a usable format.
  • Site Visits – as a part of the program, we want the participants to visit different social impact organizations. If you are keen to showcase the work of your organization, this would be the way!
    Please reach out to us by filling up the query form.

  • In-person: 72 hours for the entire duration of the program. This is broken down into 16 hours (or 2 days) per month, for 4 months + 8 hours (or 1 day) for the Impact Showcase in the final month.
    Online, Asynchronous: Average of 5 hours per month for pre-work, peer interactions, and engagement with coaches and mentors. This is, however, dependent on the participants’ individual preferences, and abilities.

    Yes, you can. However, only if your organization’s work is primarily in Gujarat.

    The program is right for you if you fulfill the eligibility criteria listed above. If you have questions about your eligibility we encourage you to complete the interest form and we will get in touch with you.

    Breitling’s involvement in our program stems from their dedication to sustainability and social responsibility. Their switch to lab-grown diamonds, with a focus on traceability and social and environmental measures, is accompanied by the establishment of the Impact Diamond Fund. This fund allocates a portion of each lab-grown diamond purchase to support positive social and environmental impacts. Their priorities include women’s economic empowerment, social entrepreneurship for economic development, and regeneration in former diamond mining areas. They are directing these efforts to Gujarat, western India, a key part of their diamond value chain, to empower entrepreneurs, especially women, and contribute to positive social and environmental change. This commitment resonates with our program’s mission, making Breitling a valuable partner in our endeavour.

    This program is relevant for you as a leader because it enhances your leadership skills, strengthens your network, helps sustain your organization, and builds your resilience. You’ll become a more effective leader, connect with fellow changemakers, prepare future leaders, and develop the ability to lead through change and uncertainty.

    This is NOT a certification or accreditation program. This program is not designed to make you a certified practitioner in any of the topics in the curriculum. It is designed to enhance your skills and knowledge as a leader and your impact as an organization. You will receive a participation certificate on successful completion of the program and on meeting the graduation criteria.

    A minimum attendance of 77% which is equivalent to 7 of the 9 in-person sessions.
    Successful completion of the ‘application project’.
    Successful completion of the personal leadership practice and regular engagement with your assigned coach.

    The training will take place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Travel and accommodation will be subsidised for participants, if needed. Appropriate information regarding all logistics will be shared before the start of the program.

    Of course! We’re here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. You can get in touch by filling up the query form.