Leadership for Growth

Strategic Investments in Leadership Success

The impact of deliberate investment in leadership development

Discover the transformative potential of investing in your leaders. Strategic, purposeful investments in building the capacity of your organization’s leadership team not only drive individual growth but also cultivate resilient, visionary leaders who propel your organization towards sustained excellence. Explore the journey to increased impact and productivity through our professional development program that will help shape your success.

Program Outcomes

Enhanced Workplace Productivity

Empower your workforce with a program designed to recognize time constraints, utilizing facilitators as consultants, and ensuring optimal training absorption without disruption to daily duties.

Remote Work Era Skills

Elevate your organization’s resilience in the remote work era by fostering essential leadership and problem-solving skills such as virtual communication proficiency, sustained focus, and productivity, ultimately promoting a culture of flexibility, collaboration, and employee well-being

Fostering Innovative and Agile Leadership

Transform your organization with leaders who drive innovation and agility. Our program focuses on developing strategic thinking and creative problem-solving skills, ensuring leaders can effectively navigate and influence change. Cultivate a culture that embraces new challenges, fostering an environment ready for future opportunities and dynamic growth.


The program trains participants to have impact on three levels


Leading Self

Who am I as a leader? What is my leadership style? What are my strengths?

Leading Others

How do I create an environment where people can thrive? How do I engage my team members and keep them motivated?

Leading the Business/Organization

How can I support my organization in creating value? How can I best solve problems? How do I help scale the organization?

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In Numbers

Direct positive impact on the business

Managers who have joined the program
Small and growing businesses involved
Average revenues growth for participating companies
Participants who report a significant improvement in their leadership skills
“The confidence of participating employees has vastly improved. They have now taken on greater responsibilities which is great both for their personal development and our organizational growth.”
– Kyle Denning, CEO, Kentaste
“This program has equipped me with skills, tools, and strategies that have helped me lead my team with confidence, mobilize others to push boundaries, and solve business problems.”
– Anubrata Basu, Senior Research & Communications Manager, Sambodhi

Case Studies

Penda Health

Leadership development for the health sector

Through this program we delivered tailored training for Penda Health mid to senior managers addressing and providing expertise in development of their personal leadership practice, team and organizational leadership skills, and problem solving. This led to improved collaboration, increased team trust, significant business growth, improved productivity, and a shift towards strategic decision-making and creative thinking.

Sistema Bio

Empowering leaders to enhance innovative farming solutions in India

We designed and ran a comprehensive curriculum that equipped the senior leadership team with the necessary leadership skills, knowledge, and attitudes to drive meaningful change within the organization. The program enhanced the managers’ leadership capabilities, and capacity to navigate complex relationships and drive effective decision-making.

Nairobi, Kenya

6 Months | 99,900 KSH | ENG

Gujarat, India

6 months | 15,000 INR | ENG