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Supporting Small and Growing Businesses for Sustainable Development

The program to build business and leadership skills in managers

Small and growing businesses (SGBs) are global engines of shared prosperity: they drive growth, promote sustainability, and support equity around the world.

Leadership for Growth (L4G) is an inspiring and highly engaging learning program combining classroom-based or online courses, business application, as well as a strong emphasis on networking for SGBs middle and senior-level managers.

The program runs in different formats (online and/or in-person) in Brazil, East Africa, and South Asia. We can also run the program exclusively for your organization for 12 employees or more, all over the world.

In Numbers

Direct positive impact on the business

Managers who have joined the program
Small and growing businesses involved
Average revenues growth for participating companies
Participants who report a significant improvement in their leadership skills

The program trains participants to have impact on three levels


Leading Self

Who am I as a leader? What is my leadership style? What are my strengths?

Leading Others

How do I create an environment where people can thrive? How do I engage my team members and keep them motivated?

Leading the Business

How can I support my organization in creating value? How can I best solve problems? How do I help scale the organization?

Key Benefits

Employers can expect:

  • Immediate business results as your staff acquire the innovation and leadership skills to manage the organization both in changing future.
  • An efficient manager development solution that doesn’t take your manager away from the business.
  • A localized curriculum to learn best practices from the cutting-edge of global leadership and management thinking, at competitive prices.
  • A solution to talent retention challenges with more engaged and motivated employees.

Participating managers will:

  • Gain essential tools and leadership skills including strategic and systems thinking, innovation, team development.
  • Take advantage of a highly interactive, hands-on curriculum designed to transfer their new skills to their day-to-day job immediately.
  • Implement a business innovation project that will create a direct positive impact on your business.
  • Develop a peer network for continued support and growth.


6 Months | 99,900 KSH | ENG

The program was launched first in Nairobi and continues to attracts managers from all over East Africa.


5 months | 35,000 INR | ENG

Since the launch of the fully-digital edition, the program is open to companies from India and South Asia.


3-6 Months | TBD | ENG/PT

The customized version for companies wanting to train 12+ managers. Timelines, format, and location will be based on your needs.

“The confidence of participating employees has vastly improved. They have now taken on greater responsibilities which is great both for their personal development and our organizational growth.”
– Kyle Denning, CEO, Kentaste
“This program has equipped me with skills, tools, and strategies that have helped me lead my team with confidence, mobilize others to push boundaries, and solve business problems.”
– Anubrata Basu, Senior Research & Communications Manager, Sambodhi