Social Innovation Management

With a 3-month Foundation phase online, followed by a 3-month Immersion phase in Nairobi, you'll gain tools, experiences, insights, and networks to change the world!

SIM Hybrid

The best immersive experience in a global hub of social innovation.

Time 6 Months
Price 7950 $
Language ENG

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Not Receiving Applications

This program is currently being upgraded and is not actively receiving applications. Have you considered joining our Foundations of Positive Leadership course, instead?

Lead Like a Pro

Take a leap in your impact career

This blended program runs in English, from June 20th to December 9th, 2022, with a 3-month Foundation phase online, followed by a 3-month Immersion phase in Nairobi (Kenya), a global hub of Social Innovation.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Explore your future
    You are ready to understand and pursue your true purpose, and align it with your opportunities in the impact sector.
  • Unlock your entrepreneurial potential
    You want to create your own social venture or are looking to apply creative skills inside an organization.
  • Have a positive impact in the world
    Regardless of the sector, you want to immediately make a change and design and build a career you are proud of.
  • Accelerate your career
    You want to build a strong global network of like-minded professionals who are contributing to systemic change on a larger scale.

Our promise
You will build a global network, develop the professional experience, self-awareness, leadership capacity, and innovation skills you need to create change.

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  • Articulating what is a social innovation, its core components, and types of social innovations.
  • Developing innovative solutions by using the Amani Institute’s Social Innovation Framework (ASIF)​.
  • Employing social innovation tools and skills into your professional setting, regardless of what type of organization you might be in​.
  • Developing your own Social Innovation Project on a topic you deeply care about.
  • Articulating why you want to be a changemaker.
  • Developing a clear understanding of how your professional path connects to your personal values, strengths, purpose and vision.
  • Managing yourself in action – including when working with others – as you create change in a complex and sometimes uncertain field of work. This includes: managing your energy, building new and better habits, managing your emotions, leading courageous conversations, building supportive relationships.
  • Learning innovation from nature and the rapidly growing field of Biomimicry.
  • Exploring how we can bring lessons from nature into our daily work and lives.
This course benefits from place-based learning.
  • Identifying fundraising goals.
  • Creating a fundraising strategy and a plan.
  • Developing a prospect list.
  • Practicing asking for money.
  • Understanding what type of leader you are, and what type of leader you want to be over the long term.
  • Understanding how to get the best out of your team members and how to set them up for success in working together.
  • Learning and practice effective communication styles in working with your team.
  • Learning to measure and map the way in which your sector delivers value.
  • Learning and applying an innovative framework to unlock opportunities to deliver value in new and creative ways in your work.
  • Discovering the challenges of building brands for change.
  • Introducing methodology and actionable tools and models to help you build your strong brand for change in the future.
  • Practicing your brand presentation.
  • Learning why storytelling is a key leadership skill.
  • Articulating the story of how you plan to change the world and make it a better place.
  • Learning how to tell a story in a short time – elevator pitches.
  • Applying storytelling principles to data, numbers, and metrics.
  • Identifying your life purpose and vision
  • Understanding the evolution of impact work
  • Exploring tools and strategies for building an impact career
  • Creating your social impact career narrative
  • Building a roadmap towards your goal and tools for preparing for a changemaker career
  • Placing challenges in their systemic context.
  • Understanding how to have an impact on a holistic level.
  • Learning tools to look for solutions through systemic lenses.
  • Building the Intrapreneurial mindset that you can apply both to launch and run your own venture or to lead change within your existing organization.
  • Understanding power dynamics and how they influence relationships and processes.
  • Understanding how to address organizational problems within one’s own authority framework.

How to become a Fellow

May 16th, 2022

Scholarship Deadline

Apply before the scholarship deadline to be considered for limited financial aid to partially cover the tuition fee. We may ask you for further documents along the process.
June 16th, 2022

Final Deadline

We continuously review applications. If you pass the first stage, you will be invited to a video interview with our recruitment team. All candidates receive an answer by email.
June 20th, 2022

Online Foundation Phase Starts

You will receive onboarding information in advance. Your journey as a Fellow begins with an intro webinar to meet your peers and access the learning platform.
Sept 5th, 2022

Immersion Phase in Kenya Starts

Your 3-month in-person adventure begins. You will reach Nairobi and join your peers for a life changing experience with daily activities, apprenticeship, and trips.
Dec 9th, 2022

End of Program

After attending at least 80% of classes and completing assignments and your Social Innovation project, you will gain your Post-Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management!

To limit the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure our participants, partners, and staff create a shared understanding of responsibility for maintaining safety for all, we have developed the Amani Institute Policy guided by global health organizations authorities.

SIM Kenya Bioempathy Trip
SIM class in Kenya
SIM class in Kenya
SIM Kenya Final Trip

Apply on the job

If you are not currently working, we will provide you with an apprenticeship in a local impact organization.

Discover our apprenticeship hosts

What they say about the SIM program

Read about our Fellows’ experiences
It’s the best international platform for cost-effective training in social entrepreneurship. With Amani you have learning in action to change the world!
– Jerry White, Nobel Peace Prize Co-Recipient
I was looking for something aligned with my career, impact driven and with practical solutions that I could immediately apply to my work. I got all of that with and the inner journey!
– Amanda Segnini, Fellow from Brazil
The program has a totally innovative approach: you can practice your learning in real organizations to make a positive social change. This is the best social innovation learning-by-doing experience!
– Jerry Zhu, Fellow from China

Your investment

Program Cost: USD 7,950 (including a non-refundable deposit of USD 1,000 upon acceptance into the program).

The True Cost of the Program

Providing a world-class educational and life-changing experience is expensive to do. Amani Institute, as a social enterprise, depends on program fees to sustain itself. But we are committed to being accessible to as many people as possible. The true cost of this program at global market rates is much higher, we subsidize it through our consulting and training work.


Amani Institute understands that the cost of the program may still be difficult for some of our participants. As a result, there will be partial financial aid available in extreme cases of need.


Tuition fee does not cover your airfare and entry visa to Kenya nor your daily expenses while there. Living costs can vary widely depending on your lifestyle choices. Our monthly estimate for living costs for an international Fellow is around 800$ in Nairobi.

What else is included

A personalized leadership journey

We take care of you through coaching, advice and connections to enable your next career step, ongoing alumni support, further learning activities, and network building.

A 3-month apprenticeship

We provide the experience in a leading organization in your field of interest. This also includes securing your legal status to be an apprentice in Kenya.

Two 4-days trips in the country

All travel expenses associated with field visits, including the two 4-day trips in beautiful parts of Kenya, are covered.

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