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Comfort, Stretch, Panic. Which Zone Are You In?

Have you ever been in a team or project for a long haul and craved a new challenge? Or do you recall a time when you had to push your boundaries and l…

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leverage your strengths

Aproveite os seus pontos fortes em sua jornada de liderança

O que é ser um líder? Esta é uma pergunta antiga que tem diversas respostas dependendo para quem perguntarmos. Uma das minhas definições favorita…

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Liderança Criativa em Tempos de Vulnerabilidade

Por Renata Ferreira, Amani Fellow Brazil em 2018.Foto: @jamesponddotcoHá um pouco mais de quatro meses, momento em que a China anunciou para a OMS so…

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wanjiku njuguna Amani Institute

Impacto nos sistemas prisionais – Entrevista com Wanjiku Njuguna 

Ao redor do mundo todo, os sistemas prisionais precisam de mudanças. Essa mudança se mantém mais urgente para países onde outros problemas lotam c…

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Make a Difference

What skills do you need to make a living while making a difference?

Have you ever thought of turning your passion into a career, but were unsure of where to start? For the past four months, Amani Institute has hosted p…

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6 Insights about changemaking – and the difference between knowing something and understanding it

A few weeks ago, I sat watching the final presentations from our class of Social Innovation Management Fellows in India. I was struck by 2 things. F…

Earn Your Diploma at UPEACE Through Amani Institute!

Did you know that after graduating from Amani Institute’s Social Innovation Management Program you also become eligible for the Diploma in Social In…

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Are you looking for mentorship?

“In these days of ” VUCA-(Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) ” it seems that there’s not much you can count on. But you can coun…

Amani Fellows at the Big 5 Summit - Photo Credit: Jerry Zhu

Building a Financially Sustainable Social Enterprise in Emerging Markets

Six lessons on achieving financial independence in a resource-constrained era.We still remember the moment vividly—the one that would define the dir…

Intrapreneurs need allies

From Buzzword to Action: 10 Tips How to Be an Intrapreneur

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”Albert EinsteinThis is a guest post by our Social Innovation Management Fellow Ina Bogdano…